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Adult cam sites can be a great alternative for guys who are in a committed relationship but are looking for a little extra curricular kinky sex play on the side. On the one hand, it’s not really cheating because you’re not sleeping with another woman, on the other hand, you do get to interact with the girl while you’re wanking it, so there’s more interaction than a porno mag or movie.Needless to say, they’re exactly the kind of thing we like to do when the wife or girlfriend is away.

Sex cams are fun, but they’re also a multi-million dollar industry. And wherever you have money you have scammers who are try to trick you into paying money for services that they never intend on delivering. That’s why I, and a group of like minded buddies created this website. Adult-Cam-Sites is all about exposing the fraudulent services out there and making sure that you don’t run into the same problems that we’ve run into in the world of sex cams. We’ve been doing this for a few years now, so we’ve managed to accrue a lot of data on the topic and while there are some great websites out there, there are also some major scam sites as well.

So over the last few years, what we did was test the many purported cam sites out there to find out which ones were the Rankings: best live cam sites, and which ones were more or less fake. There are a number of different games fake cam sites will try to run on you and if you don’t know what they are going in, you won’t be able to identify them before they happen. Knowing what to look out for is the key element to not wasting your money on scam sites.

We’ve created an adult cams guide that will help you navigate the world of adult cam sites by using tips and tricks we’ve discovered over the years to separate the good sites from the bad. A lot of people have wasted a lot of money and a lot of time, resulting in not much more than anger and frustration.

During that period we tested over 300 live cam sites and ranked each one according to the factors that are most important based on the reasons that people choose cam girls over non-interactive porn. Here’s a sad fact: around 95% of all sites that purport to be adult cam sites. By using a proprietary method to rank and evaluate these sites, we can help you determine which sites are the best cam sites out there on the internet. The three of us tested each site over a period of 3 months because we wanted to give each site a fair shake. For us, it was kind of obvious after a couple days of interacting with the site whether or not it was legit. But some fledgling sites that are trying to recruit new cam girls will have hybrid cam girl / porn sites, so there are a couple diamonds in the rough out there. While individual performers may reflect poorly on the site, we didn’t hold bad performances against the site specifically. You could tell if there was a concerted effort by multiple performers to drain you of as much money as possible which is why we withheld judgment. That is definitely on the site and not the girl.

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